School transportation service

School taxi transportation service in Deauville

Our company provides transportation services to and from your child's school. Provide them with quality taxi transportation for your peace of mind. This service is intended for students from Calvados, Deauville and the Fleurie coast.

Transport company partner of the Calvados General Council

Our company is a partner of the Calvados General Council. We provide school transportation services for many children living and attending school in Deauville, Calvados, and along the Fleurie coast. Parents entrust their children to qualified, experienced and committed professionals. The Calvados General Council offers us its full confidence in this mission, which we pride ourselves on fulfilling.
Taxi transportation is often a popular solution for students who are unable to use public transportation (e.g., unavailable transportation in a particular area). This allows parents to make sure that their children can easily access their school and return safely.

Feel free to contact our team for any further information or to ask us any questions about our school transportation service.

Transport scolaire sur la côte Fleurie

Our school transportation service allows you to assign your child's trips to a professional driver. The driver will be in charge of your child's school transportation from your home to their school. Drivers can also make the return trip, and drive your child home after school.

Drivers can also take the children to their extracurricular activities if necessary. In order to reassure you and your child, we will assign the same driver to drive your child.

Transport company partner of the Calvados General Council

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